#buyblackfor30 day 1: party black

First, shout out to black and sexy tv for inspiring me to do this challenge…and generally yall need to be shouted out for doing what you do! and if you don’t know black and sexy tv…silence.

Next, this is my first post ever for wefreeee !!! and it’s really exciting but I feel like I should explain things?

#wefree: the realization that our generation is practicing freedom and liberation in very real and connected ways, literally right now. I dance, so that’s where I’ve been focusing my attention…but #wefree is all inclusive and is giving me a standard to live up to in other areas of my life, hence me being inspired to share this #buyblackfor30 challenge. how is what we invest in tied to our sense of worth and how is our sense of worth tied to our freedom? Huh? oooooo i can’t wait to get into discussions on reparationssssss girl!!! anyway, looking for this space to be a testimony. to the brilliance of the here and now. And it seems like this whole internet thing is a place for us to get into our oral traditions and passing down and around info, so yeh, that too, imma be hittin yall up to contribute, k byyye.

K hiiii and. : Definition of some terms before we air this challenge! :

  • Blackness: I don’t know. But I know it is side-eyeing whiteness as we speak.
  • Whiteness: I don’t know. But I know it gets really mad about black liberation.
  • Free: I have an idea. Me and we and Nina Simone saying freedom is no fear, and Fred Moten’s entire idea of fugitivity.
  • Black business: I don’t know. At first, places that were owned by black people. Then it turned into places that had the interest of black liberation and unity at the highest of priorities. Then it turned into the Earth and things that grow from it but that started getting too wacky and turned this into a raw foods diet blog, so it went back to locations where the actual deed, plot of land, building, space, is run and in the name of a person of African ancestry. But then Meryl Streep said we’re all of African ancestry. Then I side-eyed that. But then I read that speech by chief Seathl, asking how do you own, buy, sell, land. How? How? Then hi metaphysical crisis.
  • But whatever, here we gooooo!!!!

Day 1: Partying while buying black. oh, and we in NYC. look at the video !

I want to shout this specific party out soooo bad, but I also want to respect the creators and their very intentional curation and sacred-ifying of the vibes of this party, so hit me up if you wanna know more and i’ll direct you where you wanna gooooo 

Facebook: Marguerite Hemmings

IG: @margueriteangelicamonique

Please comment below with any info on black owned clubs and parties you know of in NYC and wherever you are!

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