Protection and love for all those starting school today, this month, this year//Recovery Series, ep. 4

Prayer for those who are called black : 6/1/2020

Recovery Series, ep. 3.1 : why we dance//why they banned

Recovery Series, ep. 3 : we free lab – Arizona

Recovery Series, ep. 2: Burnin’ and a lootin’

Recovery Series, ep. 1: suns set

white space-is?

Recovery series. series of recoveries. movement, sound, body, space, eye, words. ritual. digital. analog. 

we free is a multi-media project that looks at the millennial and post-millennial approach to liberation through its music, social dance and social media. we free is centered in the livelihood and reparation of the African continent and diaspora. It is a social experiment, a conversation, a non-performance, a call to action, a revival, a bashment party, an ode to, and in moments a critique of, the millennial generation and what we are doing, right now, to be free.



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