we free lab : February 2018 at Baryshnikov Arts Center

Videographer: Bleue Liverpool

Editor: Erick Boustead

Movers: Alaynia Fox, Jazelynn Goudy, Ariel Pang, Roobi Gaskins, J’Royce Jata

Musicians: Daniel Woods, Nelson Nance


Blacker the Berry Project Spring 2014: Commissioned by choreographer Marguerite  Hemmings in partnership with the ON THE MAP series. A collaborative weekend of  discussions, healing circles, creative expression, and movement  on the topic of rage.
Diretor and Choreographer : Marguerite Hemmings
Camera Operator 1 : Daniel Curry
Camera Operator 2: Bleue Liverpool
Editor : Bleue Liverpool and Marguerite Hemmings



Unleash Your Duende // we free collaboration, Movement Research at Judson Church, October 2016

Dancer: Marguerite Hemmings

Percussionist: Arielle Rosales


we free , 1st iteration: December 2014 at Gibney Dance.

Dancer: Marguerite Hemmings

Video Design and Editing: Marguerite Hemmings

Music Design: DJ PUDGE


we free , 2nd iteration: Gibney Dance, February 2017

Curator: Marguerite Hemmings

Musicians: Arielle Rosales, Solo Woods, and DJ BLKWYNTR

Dancers: Courtney Cook,Marguerite Hemmings, Jessica Phoenix, Italy Welton

Projection Design: Bleue Liverpool

Lighting Design: Nikita Maturine

Video Trailer Design: Gibney Digital Technology Initiative