#buyblackfor30: cheap, to-go, and belly loving spots

FIRST OF ALL, BEFORE ANY OTHER TALK OF FAST CHEAP ACCESSIBLE DELICIOUS FOOD SPOTS OWNED BY BLACK PEOPLE… GOLDEN KRUST. A black owned chain. And the thing that has been keeping me sane during this challenge. I’ve been KILLING this one by union square. And there’s one in midtown by Penn Station toooooo . This day…… Continue reading #buyblackfor30: cheap, to-go, and belly loving spots

#buyblackfor30: Sugar Bar, lit or nah?

  https://youtu.be/rX6pdqWP1fw lit. Sugar Bar NYC is lit. GO!!!! and buying black is feeling like fam. Thoughts on Sugar Bar? Thoughts on how our ideas of service and timeliness can be perpetuating white supremacy and domination?

#buyblack30: blackness is so expansive!

aaaaaaaand so expensive. I identify as poor. I’m defining poor, here, as not having any freaking money lmao. Generationally. Generational poverty. Just that. Because duh I encounter abundance of infinite resources, support, and blazing love in every millisecond of every day, but on this material cream get the money dolla dolla bill level, it’s a coooonstant…… Continue reading #buyblack30: blackness is so expansive!