Applied Dance Practices of the African Diaspora: This class looks at movement and sound technologies that come from my relationship to and study inside of the African Diaspora. I’ve pulled out movement and sound practices that reflect this relationship. Students will learn specific formations, improvisation scores, and choreographies that map freedom practices across the diaspora. The class is made up of 3 workshops, or movement studies, that span over a full week, or semester, called Dancehall and Freedom, Trap and Spirituals, and unmarked workshop. We will practice seeing, being seen, and divining our individual and collective movement.

“A ritual is the method you use to interpret your mystery, and your mystery is your body of knowledge that you’re trying to explain to yourself.” – Professor James Small
Dancehall and Freedom is a workshop/course that looks at emergent music and dance forms of Jamaica from early 20th century, through their emancipation from British colonialism, up until today to track the sonic and physical technologies that support the movement towards freedom.