#buyblackfor30: cheap, to-go, and belly loving spots

FIRST OF ALL, BEFORE ANY OTHER TALK OF FAST CHEAP ACCESSIBLE DELICIOUS FOOD SPOTS OWNED BY BLACK PEOPLE… GOLDEN KRUST. A black owned chain. And the thing that has been keeping me sane during this challenge.

I’ve been KILLING this one by union square. And there’s one in midtown by Penn Station toooooo . This day I ordered the escoveitched fish with cabbage and rice and peas and plantain. For 9 dollars. Suck it Checkers!!!! And it lasted me 2 meals. And those meals were 20 minutes apart lmao.



And now my TOP 3 favorite cheap eats in Harlem

Spot #1: Oasis Juice Bar and Ethiopian Cafe on 124th and BroadwayIMG_7147


There’s the owner, Abdi. Dope. LOVE him and every employee up in here. Follow them here on facebook !


I think my favorite thing about these black-owned spots in Harlem is what they choose to put up on their walls. Oasis has an entire wall with money from places around the world, mainly from countries in Africa and across the African diaspora. I’m like YES LITERAL REMINDER OF POC’S INTERNATIONAL BUYING POWER AND ALSO THAT OUR MONEY ART IS LITTT!!!!IMG_7274

5 dollars. This one’s my fave, ‘Harlem Star’ , pineapple, kale, avocado…, but trust, all a dem are lit.



Spot #2: People’s Choice on 146th and Frederick DouglassIMAG1070IMAG1071

Again, the choice of what to put up on the wall. I feel like I’m at home looking at my mommy’s refrigerator. All sayings all upliftment all messages everything

Take time, aka slow your roll, aka chill aka breathe in that prana that ashe!
I for real read this that day, promised myself those exact things, and left with my life changed.













2 dollars. My favorite quick eat to get here. Spinach patty. Seasoned BRILLIANTLY.IMG_7183

Spot #3: Branson Got Juice on 147th and St. Nicholas. Visit their website here !

I walk in, greet bae, order, then what is that I see to my right? Is that a black….panther? Ayyyyyee!! First time noticing that. The choice of decor, again! Always so political, always so relevant. And I didn’t get a photo but in the other corner, similar to the other 2 spots, all education, all newspapers, all flyers for community events/services/meetings everything. Delicious ital food and relevant information. Thanks!



6 dollars. My favorite juice here, B’s Wellness, beet, carrot, apple, ginger, cayenne. Literally protecting my heart. If you’re in a smoothie mood ALL OF THEM ARE BANGIN, but for sure holla at the Papaya Ale, and then get me one then walk to my house a couple seconds away and then give it to meIMG_7246


Please comment with more cheap delicious food spots all around the world owned by black people!! And that are nourishing more than our bellies but also minds and the communities around them!



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