#buyblackfor30 day 2 : research

Day 2 I invested in the black business that is my black body.

IMG_6892 Drawing. Journaling. Womb clearing.

And also another way to say I needed to buy groceries and pharmacy items (pads) but I didn’t know where I could go since i started this challenge without doing a lick of research. so I had to stay my black ass in the house.

Then I researched ! And I found this  ! A directory of black-owned businesses!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use this!!!!!!!

but my grocery and pharmacy issue was still very real…not many options up on that list…all westchester and mt. vernon everything.  can i not have to take the metro NORTH TO BUY GROCERIES? i live in harlem. come on! there’s gotta be sumthin! And that’s when the “who we countin’ as black” question got REALLY REAL. I’m like…there’s that dominican pharmacy a few blocks away…there’s the bodega right outside our doors owned by the palestinians…I’m hungry and i am bleeding, they gon’ be black today.

(let’s table this conversation, yeh? lol)

ok. see the thing about this #buyblack challenge challenge, is that it’s actually, a challenge. It is. very. challenging. that’s the point. to have it reeeeally sink in that we kinda don’t own shit here. not even in our own neighborhoods. a true realization of black people’s peculiar type of oppression. not owning shit, in our own spaces. again the worth question comes up. the sickest skewing of our sense of worth is happening here. and let’s never forget this this beautiful, real, free milennial’s, interview with hot97. go awf ms. banks.


k, bye, gonna go jump off this bridge now!

Slash I’m still here, we free, we worthy, and I decided I needed more than a directory because I KNOW WE HAVE SPOTS IN HARLEM. I needed to get up and walk my black ass around my black ass community. and like, actually get to know it.

next 30 day challenge, how to not be a black gentrifier!

Oh one more thing I found in my research this day: love the hell out of this ! Go to every single one of these restaurants. i know i will. Thank you idontdoclubs.com for compiling this list!!!!!!

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW WITH ANY GROCERY STORES/FARMERS MARKETS AND PHARMACIES THAT YOU KNOW IN NEW YORK CITY, BROOKLYN, BRONX, QUEENS THAT ARE BLACK OWNED. anything mta accessible. sorry, i can’t be on that metro north and lirr and SI ferry just to be getting some potato chips and kale



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