Recovery Series//ep. 1//suns set

prayer for recovery with and from virtual reality

may this xtra time be received. may this xtra time on phones and laptops be gentle and limited. may we be intentional with the use of this web. may our minds be sharp and our hearts beating. may we clear out and make and create our digital space. may we be protected. may we find new ways to be connected. may we make our web. may we invite the ancient, may we invite our people our sources our forces in this digital space. may we know it’s not separate. may we remember our technologies.

prayer for recovery in stillness

may this xtra time with ourselves in our homes with our people at this time of great ending, of great stopping, allow us to open our power, remember our powers, remember our loves, remember our mothers, remember our connections, and grieve//rejoice in the (un)knowing.

Sound by Carly Bates
Direction and Videography: Nicole Curry
Curator: Marguerite Hemmings
Featured in video: Carly Bates and Marguerite Hemmings

Sound file can be found here:

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